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Most people have an annual checkup, and then forget about their health for the rest of the year.  Good health, however, is an ongoing concern, and it's important to keep on top of any possible risks.  

Having your cholesterol level regularly monitored is a very important step in preventing heart diseases.  A high cholesterol level is the main risk factor for heart attacks.  You can now buy inexpensive over-the-counter devices to monitor your cholesterol levels.  These FDA-approved monitors have been available without a prescription since 1993.  Now, it's easier than ever to monitor your cholesterol at home, and keep your good health on track.

The monitors are very easy to use, taking just a few drops of your blood to get a clear reading.  Although some people complain that the monitors provide inaccurate readings, they should be 95 percent accurate when used correctly.  With a home cholesterol monitor, you can clearly see the results and manage your cholesterol intake accordingly.

There are certain drawbacks to using a home device to monitor your cholesterol.  Some cholesterol monitors provide only the total cholesterol level reading, without breaking down the HDL and LDL levels.  Other monitors, particularly the newer digital models, provide highly accurate readings of HDL and LDL, as well as glucose and triglyceride.

Home cholesterol monitors are available at many drug stores and health care centers.  If you'd like to learn more or purchase a monitor online, try one of the following websites:

*  an online source for health and medical products
*  provides same-day shipping and a free catalog
*  a source of professional and home testing solutions. This website offers a large array of analyzers and monitoring devices.
*  this e-shopping website is dedicate to selling cholesterol testing kits only.

Those concerned with high cholesterol have found a new convenience with home monitors.  It's no longer necessary to make a trip to the doctor just to have your cholesterol levels checked.  Now, you can purchase a personal cholesterol monitor online, and you don't even have to leave your home.  If you've been diagnosed with high cholesterol but don't have a home cholesterol monitor, you must see your doctor at least every six months.  

Many people avoid going to the doctor.  Working people and parents can find it difficult to fit a doctor's visit into their schedules.  Some can't stand the long waits.  Others are simply afraid of seeing the doctor.  Regardless of the reason, these individuals can often wait until it's too late without even realizing they have a problem.  Home cholesterol monitors reduce the need to see a doctor, and allow people new freedom and access to their own health matters.

If you suspect that you have high cholesterol levels, or know that you do, see your doctor.  If you are using a home device and find that your cholesterol level has increased, see your doctor again.  

High cholesterol can easily be managed through proper diet, smart lifestyle choices and regular exercise.  If you are a smoker with high cholesterol, it's time to kick the habit.  Good health has no substitute.
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